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“Mufti’s sign bears a string of Norse/Germanic Rune sigils, originating from an ancient alphabet known as the Elder Futhark.  It is said that Odin himself found the Runes while hanging upside from The Tree of Yggdrasil (The Tree of Life).  They most definitely have meaning and are nothing to fool with.  Runes are used in divination, magical spells or curses.  If the sigils are upside down or reversed that denotes the opposite meaning.  In this case, I can tell you what they mean and guess his intention based on that.  Symbols in order:

Algiz (look like elk antlers or the ‘upside down’ peace sign).  It’s a warding sign, used for protection, also standing firm against the enemy.

Sowilo is the Sun. It means success, power, victory.  (Nazi’s used two SS sigils together as most everyone knows.)

Gyfu (X) is partnerships, togetherness, a gift with communication.  Fair trade.

Berkana (like a ‘B’ reversed) This rune means growth, fruitfulness so reversed would be no growth and plans not coming to fruition.  Downfall.

Since he ends with Algiz upside down, followed by Nein, it means, exposing yourself to vulnerability and not standing firm or protecting yourself is NOT AN OPTION.

It looks like a curse to me.”

image scanned by nevaree, explanation by seelebrennt (i just love it so much, i had to repost!) (By Morgan Wolfe) :)

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